We provide individualized, high-quality health care in a modern setting.

Our families love the clean, modern office setting and the ease of access to quality care.

Patients receive expert pediatric care, while parents enjoy the perks of an office that values trust, integrity, quality, service, and community. 

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New Patients!

We are currently accepting new patients. At Friendly Hills Pediatrics, we understand how important it is for families and children to feel safe and comfortable with their pediatrician.

Our top priority is caring for your child’s health by providing professional and compassionate medical services in a modern and welcoming office.


Dr. Anna Muñoz Chavira, MD, FAAP,

is a board-certified, pediatrician who founded Friendly Hills Pediatrics in 2021.

Dr. Muñoz is committed to providing quality care for all your child’s health needs and believes in the value of applying a personalized approach to medical services. Dr. Muñoz looks forward to partnering with you and offering your child the best medical care.





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We accept all major insurance plans and Medi-Cal.

We also offer membership-based services.

We accept all major insurance plans and also offer full Pediatric care membership-based services.

If you have a high-deductible health plan, or we are “out of network” with your plan, Dr. Muñoz offers a membership plan for medical care, with no hidden fees. Contact us for pricing.

Our modern office services means that families will enjoy easy access to their child’s health information via the Patient Portal, streamlined communication with our staff via the Spruce App, and an up-to-date and personalized approach to health care..

Our close-knit office setting means that families will enjoy easy access to their child’s health information, streamlined communication with our staff, and a modern yet personalized approach to medical care.

About Dr. Muñoz

Dr. Muñoz seeks to build trusting relationships with parents, caregivers, and their children. Dr. Muñoz takes pride in providing caring, expert pediatric care where parents and caregivers always understand the health status of their child,  feel heard and have their questions answered.

About Our Practice

Maintaining the health and happiness of your child is the heart of our practice, and that starts with providing outstanding care from the minute you walk in the door. At Friendly Hills Pediatrics, you can expect to be greeted warmly, enjoy a contemporary and inviting office, and most importantly, feel listened to and receive excellent medical care.

“If there was any pediatrician you’d want to see your child it is Dr. Anna Muñoz! As a first-time mommy and a mommy in general you always hope to get the best care for your child when they are sick. Fortunately for us, Dr. Muñoz was just a call away.”

Friendly Patient

“From the first moment we met, she was friendly and knowledgeable. She offered to send out a swab of my baby’s rash to see if any certain organism is causing the rash which was not offered before. She listened to me and respected my thought as to what I suspected her rash to be. She prescribed a topical medication and educated me extensively about eczema care as well as care for Aurelia’s particular rash. I followed her instructions exactly and within the next few weeks, her rash slowly got better.”

Friendly Patient

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